5 Five-Minute DIY’s

Instantly ReinVENT a tired space without calling a professional

Is your home in need of a facelift? Before any major procedures, think about a DIY. 
Here’s a DIY routine that will instantly upgrade the look and feel of a room in just 5 minutes. Just four easy steps will help even the most DIY-Lite stay LIT all year long without calling a professional.

  1. Add some (temporary) drama
Trendy, easy and budget-friendly.  Every DIY’ers favorite words. Temporary wallpaper is removable and requires no paste or water.  "Renter's wallpaper" allows you to have a lot of fun customizing your space to reflect your style without the burden of commitment or heavy investment. Try an accent wall in your home office, gym, kids room, or foyer OR use it to line cabinets, furniture or shelves. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Let there be light
Overwhelmed with where to start your to-do list?
Start by looking UP.
Design 101: The subtle changes can make the biggest difference. Look at your ceiling and ReinVENT a tired aesthetic without calling a professional. The Broan FG600S Quick-Change LED Grille Upgrade is built for the DIY-Lite; allowing even the most novice of DIY’ers to transform and light up a space in 5 minutes.
Take five minutes and explore the subtle ways you can make the biggest design impact in your bathroom (and beyond!) today.

  1. Stay Motivated
From working in the kitchen or home office to working out in your home gym or man cave, we all need a little jolt of motivation from time to time. Hanging inspirational wall art adds life to your space while serving as source of inspiration. Surround yourself with things you love. Search for visuals that will reinvigorate you throughout the day.

  1. Add some Life
Don’t be afraid to go a little green. Plants offer more than just color and good vibes; they can even improve your indoor air quality. Customize your aesthetic while planting your reminder of the outside world with decorative pots and vases.

  1. Practical and Pretty 
Clutter can go from simple to chaos very quickly. From office and kitchen supplies to laundry and paperwork, storage boxes are a simple, yet effective way of providing a proper home for everything while making your space look stylish and organized.
5 Five-Minute DIY's