Career Development

Broan is growing, so can you! We take employee development seriously, as our people are what differentiate us in the market and what makes us successful. We also believe that employees are in the best position to define their career path and then drive it. We are here to help navigate the opportunities and offer a variety of ways to help people grow.

We believe that the best development doesn't come from a book or a class - but from an experience. Our employees have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a variety of areas including:

  • Global Projects Participation and Leadership
  • Experience working in a Global Matrix environment
  • People Management
  • Technical Skills
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Job Shadowing

High Performing Organization

We believe a very important component to development is receiving real-time feedback and understanding how you fit into the overall company strategy. That's why we've created our goals and performance assessment process to provide more formal opportunities to be aligned.

Objective Setting

It starts with the organizational goals which are then cascaded into the organization. Employees and managers work together to develop meaningful individual goals that are aligned with the organization.

Mid-Year Check-In

A formal opportunity for the manager and employee to sit down and review the past 6 months and understand what's working and what should change.

Performance Summary

A formal, end of the year, summary of the performance discussions that occurred throughout the year.

Ongoing Feedback

There are many informal opportunities where feedback (positive and constructive) will be given. We recognize that everyone is different - and some people want more frequent conversations about their performance and development than others. That's why we also encourage employees to drive their development conversations - to meet their needs and timeframes.

Career Development Planning

Employees formulate a development plan based on the feedback from their managers and present to their manager to get input.